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মনিটরিং এন্ড ইভালুয়েশান

Monitoring and Evaluation Wing:


Quality education largely depends on proper and vigorous monitoring and evaluation. Earlier, Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education did not have any permanent monitoring and evaluation organ. So, with a view to ensuring the systematic and regular monitoring and evaluation system in secondary and higher education, the Monitoring and Evaluation Wing(MEW) has been established in 2008 through the GOV and IDA funded project titled 'Secondary Education Quality and Access Enhancement Project (SEQAEP)'.


The specific objective of MEW  is to enable DSHE to establish an effective Monitoring and Evaluation organ to strengthen monitoring and evaluation capacity of DSHE to monitor, review and evaluate project activities regularly; monitor, review and coordinate all DSHE stipends programs; monitor and evaluate other DSHE programs; and coordinate the dissemination of national assessment of learning achievement.

National Education Policy-2010 and MEW:

The National Education Policy-2010 has emphasized on the regular monitoring on the quality, access and the administration of the secondary education. MEW is trying hard to align their activities with the objectives of the National Education Policy.


Headed by a Director, MEW comprises with other 8 officers and 9 supporting staff under the overall guidance of the Director General, DSHE. MEW is monitoring activities of SEQAEP and other development and revenue activities of DSHE which are presented in the reports of various types with specific recommendations and suggestions. Later it is followed up whether the recommendations and suggestions are realized or not. MEW organizes the seminar and workshops on education awareness and the dissemination of findings of different educational researches.

MEW is expected to be merged in the revenue set up as the fifth permanent wing of DSHE within the project tenure to sustain the vigorous and systematic monitoring system in secondary education.

Vision :

To ensure expected quality of the secondary and higher education.


To ensure the best practice in program and investment in secondary and higher education through rigorous monitoring and evaluation.